New Shoes July 2016

Monday, May 23, 2016

July is always a big month for new shoe releases! For shoe geeks like us, there is nothing better than seeing boxes of new product hit the shelves. There are a LOT on this list that we are chomping at the bit to see on your feet!


adidas-ultra-boostAdidas Ultra Boost – So much grip! Over the past few years Adidas has teamed up with Continental (the tire company) to utilize advanced technologies and bring us some of the stickier, more durable outsoles on the road. Since the primary concern with the original UltraBoost was the outsole wearing out more quickly than expected, Adidas changed up their material usage and is not incorporating extra grip and longer lasting comfort for this plush, premium shoe (pictured right). This is the shoe that staffer Jill is most excited about. She won’t run in anything else!


Men’s Sequence 9

Adidas Sequence 9 – Adidas takes things a more fashion-forward direction while still keeping the comfort and stability of the Sequence intact. The Boost midsole hasn’t changed but the upper materials give this version almost a casual shoe construction suitable for your workouts as well as hitting the town in your active lifestyle gear.

Adidas Adizero Boston 6 (7/15) – With the differences of the men’s and women’s uppers in the Boston 5, we found the fit to be a bit inconsistent from what it had been in the past. Still on the narrower side, but the women’s version we found to be exceptionally so. Going forward we are seeing more uniformity in the build across genders with a sleek, engineered mesh upper. Runners should expect this to be soft against the foot and be a little more forgiving than the fit has been in the past. Staffer Melissa is very excited to get her feet into this awesome new upper!


Altra Torin 2.5 – We are on a .5 update year, which refers to the shoe just receiving a new upper. The underfoot cushion of the prior years propelled the Torin to become Altra’s top selling road shoe and we are happy that remains intact. For the upper we are going to see a tighter-weave material securing the foot. An entirely seamless build will still be soft and spacious. Some felt that the Torin 2.0’s upper wasn’t stable enough, so we see a change in materials to something a bit lighter and more of a soft hug than a gappy build.

lone_peak_3_outsoleAltra Paradigm 2.0 – A new shoe for our wall!! We always get thrilled to be able to offer new types of product, and this being “the world’s only max-cushioned, Zero Drop neutral shoe with a FootShape toe box,” as Altra proudly claims. Though that is an oddly specific description, it really is a great max cushion offering designed to be very easy on the body and unrestrictive for the foot. Some fans of Hoka but are looking for a much wider toebox could find relief in the Paradigm 2.0! Ask staffer Colton about it. The prior version has been one of his go-to shoes lately.

Altra Lone Peak 3.0 -Altra’s go-to rugged, top selling trail shoe has been given a big refined update this year, taking into account things people really need out of a tough piece of footwear. The upper is shifting away from that soft, loose material of the 2.5 and getting a sturdier build to tackle even the burliest venues. The new outsole configuration (pictured right) will help you go anywhere you want as well. The hexagon-shaped lugs work great for multi-directional traction and for a largely increased lifespan of the footwear. Altra is very excited for the Lone Peak 3.0’s release, and for good reason! This is definitely one for the trail fans to try on.


Ghost 9Brooks Ghost 9 -From what we had seen, the Ghost 8 was a less popular model year and we attribute that to the upper fit. In the 9th edition changing that was exactly the directive of the designers. For this coming year of the classic Brooks Ghost, the shoe brings a new plush interior and refined engineered mesh upper. The rigid construction of the past is simply that, the past. We are expecting a very smooth transition through the gait cycle and a soft, secure fit every time. Neutral runners, keep an eye out for this one!


Women’s PureGrit 5

Brooks PureGrit 5 (7/15) – Each year we see less and less change about the PureGrit, other than the looks. The PureGrit 5 will continue along the path of being dust free, seamless, low to the ground and protective for connecting you to your favorite trails. The grips face every direction with deeper flex grooves than in the past to dig into the ground and match your foot’s natural motion. Compared to last year, this shoe has even more ground contact making it even more adaptable.

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 13 (7/15) – As always, this is a trail-ready version of the best selling Brooks Adrenaline. This year lines up with the upper of the Adrenaline 16. With the same support as the road shoe, this trail version has a little extra teeth underfoot to handle uneven surfaces with ease. The water-resistant materials of the upper should help shed rain and mud when you go adventuring or puddle-jumping.


Hoka Clifton 3 – YOU get a wider forefoot! And YOU get a wider forefoot! Everybody gets wider forefoots!! Hoka listened to the customer feedback on their tight fit and have changed the last of the trend-setting Clifton. This year the company has started changing over from a “tubular” fit to a more Americanized last, much more taylored to our market. All those people who wanted more space in some lightweight, max cushioned shoes, this one’s for you! Oh, and the underfoot is all the same.hokavanquish

Hoka Vanquish 2 (W) – Due to some shipping trouble, we have yet to have the lady’s edition of the Vanquish hit our shelves yet, but we are excited for it to arrive in July! This model is super cushioned and provides a very springy ride with a neat blend of foam compounds. The sensation on the foot is definitely different than the other Hokas on the wall and worth a shot if you are looking for an everyday training designed to be very easy on the body with a lot of bounce.


lunarglide8Nike Lunarglide 8 – Sometimes we just have to smile at a product update. The Lunarglide has taken a back seat to many other shoe released in the past couple years but still remains a model of consistency in top performance for elite athlete and casual runner alike. The LunarGlide 8 will boast a stylish new look with a soft Flymesh upper combined with supportive and adaptable wires to keep the shoe snug. The lunar foam cushioning is laser cut to better adapt to the foot in motion making each stride feel smooth and natural. This is yet another really, really cool looking shoe from Nike that also has a ton of exiting running potential.


enigma6Mizuno Enigma 6 (7/5) – Not a huge update here, which is a good thing. The underfoot cushion will remain the same as in the 5th edition but with a more premium upper. Some felt as though the upper was restricting through the forefoot but this newly arranged mesh should allow for a more relaxed fit. The heel will remain snug while the ball of the foot will be given room to breathe.

Mizuno Paradox 3 (7/5) – For a shoe that has undergone quite a few changes the past few years, we are happy to see another overhaul of this max support shoe. It’s still very lightweight for the functionality but has been given a faster look so it blends into the wall better than many other oversized support shoes.

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