Headlamps - Petzl Tikka, Nathan Nebula Fire, Nathan Zephyr Fire

Monday, October 5, 2015

It’s safe to say that fall has arrived. Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2013The temperatures are dropping, the trees are just starting to change colors, and it is way too dark in the mornings and early evening. That being said, we need to start taking extra precautions while running on the roads. Not only is it important for drivers to see you, but also it is incredibly helpful to be able to see. Reflective gear is essential, but equipment to light your path will help keep you safe too.

Headlamps can be a very useful, hands-free tool to keep your path well lit and make sure that others can see you. The Petzl Tikka+ headlamp has multiple different settings to appropriately light your way. There are four setting adjustable at the press of a button ranging from 5 lumens to 110 lumens, also with a “Boost” mode to reach 140 lumens for a quick 10-second visibility bump. This headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries, which are very easy to replace. The draw to headlamps is that it is a hands-free device and the beam of light will always be pointing straight ahead of where you are facing.

Facebook_Lifestyle_1If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced and multi-functional, the Nathan Nebula Fire could be the way to go. Reaching all the way up to 192 lumens (in the “sprint” mode) this headlamp can change to its five different brightness settings simply at the swipe of your hand. Nathan incorporated this new touch-free mode control system simply and appropriately called “Runwave.” Along with being unobtrusive to your stride, this motion-based control also has a neat safety feature. When a car is coming towards you, the headlamp reacts to the oncoming headlights by going into a strobe mode to be more of an attention-grabber. This headlamp contains a rechargeable lithium battery.

ZEPHYR_FUYRAlso made by Nathan, the Zephyr Fire 100 is powered by a rechargeable battery. This device is a bit different than the classic headlamp, however. The Zephyr Fire 100 is a runner-specific flashlight designed with a contour and twist to the light to point forward and down without having to twist your wrist into an odd position. This 24-degree offset allows you to stay relaxed while running. The hand strap is built in such a way that you will naturally hold onto the flashlight but if you release your grasp, it will still hang in the same position. A red strobe light on the tail end of the handheld allows others to see you when they approach from behind as well. As an added safety feature, there is a loud emergency siren to call for help or ward off threatening individuals or wildlife.

These are not just for safety, but also can be very beneficial for trail runners looking to continue running in the evenings or extend the runs in the woods through the darker days. We have multiple colors in stock for each of the headlamps and the hand-torch. All of these are very adjustable in size.

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