Dion Snowshoes

Monday, February 8, 2016

12508687_10153489899928440_1725954088597707095_nAs with every year, it seems we are due to get walloped by another season of heavy snowfall. The warm winter we have had was only deception as more storms loom on the horizon. There are a few different ways to react when snow gets in the way. You can hide inside or go adventuring into the great outdoors!

Dion snowshoes are a fun way to keep your outdoorsy passion alive through the wintertime. We carry several models that will help you handle the conditions in whichever manner you deem most appropriate. It all depends on what you’d like to do and where you’d like to go! Dion sets themselves apart from other brands because the frame, the bindings, and the cleats are all interchangeable. What that translates to will be ultimate customization to meet your needs. With options for a Standard cleat, an Ice cleat, or a Deep snow cleat, Dion has your every adventure covered.

The 166s are your classic trail-blazing snowshoe. Built with the largest frame of the bunch, these are best for breaking your own trail on softer snow. This frame will also work in any depth of snow you’ll be adventuring in, while the other two may not be as effective in the deeper conditions. The 166 models are oriented more for hiking or walking while giving you a “float” experience. These will also comfortably carry the largest load of the selection.

The next size down is the most versatile of the bunch. The 132 models can be used for both winter walking or for running. With the crazy snow last year brought us, we found great success with the 132 above the others because users have a little more freedom in the activities they can enjoy. The versatility allows you to appreciate the winter wonderland after a heavy snowfall but also gives you a chance to get your heart rate up if you wanted to run. The 132 model is very similar to the next one, but with increased durability.

12622107_1075194735845143_4812364661088037206_oFor those competitive athletes of the group, we carry the 121 models, which is Dion’s lightest weight frame. This is specifically designed for running, or in many cases racing. There are quite a few locally based snowshoe races and the Dion 121 makes itself known as one of the more popular models at these events. If you were looking to keep that competitive fire burning through the cold months, these would be an awesome way to get in great shape while mixing up your conditioning.

We would be more than happy to help you determine which setup is most appropriate for your planned adventures.

Dion is a local New England based company built by snowshoe racers for outdoor enthusiasts and, yes, for snowshoe racers. They’re a true Vermont brand that makes some tremendous winter gear. For more information about the company, check out their website HERE.

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