Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Thursday, November 12, 2015

20151109_130733It’s that time of year again! It’s that wonderful time when one of our most popular shoes updates and we get a fresh new feel beneath us. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS has been one of the more popular shoes in the market for about a decade. Now entering its 16th edition, the Brooks Adrenaline is looking as strong as ever with a few key updates from the prior edition.

As always, the Adrenaline is considered to be in the higher range of support level. This shoe is designed with an overpronator in mind, having a solid amount of support designed to keep the arch from collapsing while your foot goes through the gait cycle. Another unchanged feature is the underfoot cushion. We see the same Brooks DNA midsole material as in past years, providing that little bit of extra bounce with each step. Also, thankfully, Brooks listened to everyone that commented on those stretchy shoelaces because they have kept them just the same in this new model. It seems to be the little things that really stand out.

The outsole configuration has been altered slightly to increase durability in high-wear areas through the life of the shoe. This won’t affect the underfoot feel or decrease flexibility, simply give the shoe a few more miles longer of a life.

20151109_130100The primary change to this new edition of the Adrenaline is the upper. Many people felt as thought the Adrenaline 15 ran a touch shorter than the 14s, which caused many people to go an extra half size up or run into some trouble with the ends of their toes. Generally, it was more a confusion than an inconvenience. From what we have experienced so far of this new model, we are closer to the original sizing as in the 14s. Those that will be skipping over the 15th edition should be unaffected by the sizing debacle altogether. For those who are now coming from the 15s and transitioning to the 16s, we suggest you try it on to make sure everything fits as it should.

The newly designed upper is totally seamless against the foot. Other companies have tried a similar tactic in the past with very little success, but this incarnation of the stitch-free construction shows much more promise. Using welded overlays to reduce irritation spots, Brooks is able to make a slightly lighter shoe with an adaptable fit also feet comfortably supportive. The upper materials were wisely chosen. The mesh is thinner than in the past, but made of a tighter weave material. This means that it is softer than before and also just as durable. (Click the photo to enlarge to show texture)

From what we have seen so far, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 is a very positive change on an already successful shoe. The official release date is December 1st, but we do have a large number of them in stock a couple weeks early. Since the 16s are out, this means we are putting the Adrenaline 15s on sale forĀ $89.99 effective immediately!

We carry this shoe in the full range of widths from narrow (men’s B, women’s 2A) all the way up to extra wide (men’s 4E, women’s 2E).

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