Altra Lone Peak 3.0

Monday, July 18, 2016

20160718_140212Altra is a brand that was born in the Wasatch Mountain Range of Utah. The Lone Peak, in its origin, was created to withstand the tolls that 100 miles of mountainous wilderness would put on a shoe. The specific 100 miles happened to be a race called the Wasatch Front 100 that presents all types of trail conditions, a shocking amount of climbing and often harsh weather. The directive was to make a shoe capable of withstanding what was thrown at it and keeping the foot comfortable for an all day adventure.

To be very easy on the foot, Altra instituted their iconic Foot Shape toebox technology that quite literally means the forefoot is shaped more like your foot. This rounded shaping allows your natural mechanics to perform as they were designed to without being hindered. In the Lone Peak 2.5, Altra did their best to make the shoe incredibly soft against the foot with a single piece of mesh material through the upper. This certainly created the widest build in the model to date and many users felt it lacked a structured feel. While the shoe still took a beating, the fit may have been a little sloppy, especially to those with a more narrow foot. In this new version, the Lone Peak 3.0 received a much more stable upper. With stitched overlays and a reinforced toe piece, runners are sure to notice a much more locked-in, protected fit.

We have found the midsole to be just a touch firmer than version 2.5 of this shoe, almost jumping back to being more similar to the 2.0. In theory there shouldn’t have been any underfoot change between the Lone Peak 2.0 and the 2.5, but many found that the midsole was a few notches softer in the later. lone_peak_3_outsoleAltra made the appropriate changes to switch back to the Lone Peak 2.0 midsole density that is more likely to reduce forefoot fatigue with just that touch of extra firmness.

Another big change with this year is that we start to see a reconfigured outsole. In some of Altra’s other models, the Olympus more specifically, we are starting to see use of a more aggressive treads. The Lone Peak is designed for a course that has a crazy mix of climbing, navigating down hills, loose rocks, slick conditions and even dry packed trails. To allow this piece of footwear to comfort the ride, Altra is using hexagonal lugs that catch securely on the ground in all directions. The multi-directional lugs around the perimeter are deeper and toothier than in the past. The more extensive tread is sure glide over the trails. And now you don’t have to worry about your heel catching on the trail rudder! Over the past few years we have had many people with express their confusion over the extended piece of rubber behind the heel, known as the Trail Rudder. Some people felt it caught awkwardly when coming down hills or steps. Some people even sliced it right off intentionally! Not to worry though, because Altra listened to our feedback and eliminated the excess material altogether.20160718_140248

It’s been mentioned that this shoe was designed with 100 miles in mind but that is by no means a prerequisite for running in this great trail shoe. What that translates to for us mortals is that the Altra Lone Peak 3.0 is a comfortable shoe to spend all day, if necessary, wearing. No matter if it’s the mountains, trails, or grassy fields this shoe will have a relaxed and comfortable feel to take you where you want to go. This new upper construction is likely to have greater durability than in the past as well. That boils down to not limiting your sense of adventure when these get strapped on your feet. Get out there and explore what it’s like to run or hike with #ZeroLimits!

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