Daylight Savings

Monday, November 7, 2016

Imagine a little boy in a classroom. It’s a beautiful sunny morning outside while he sits in fluorescent lighting fiddling with his dull pencil. Between lessons he longingly peers out the window waiting for that moment when the school bell rings for recess. His shoes are laced up and the most efficient route to get to the top of the playscape is plotted. With only moments before he can feel the wood chips beneath his shoes, a clap of thunder booms and the sky breaks into a downpour. The teachers call for indoor recess and he is devastated. While his friends play with legos or work on coloring projects, he stands pressed against the window listening to the call of the lonely, wet playscape.

I’m the little boy. And the rain is darkness brought forth by daylight savings.

img_vqswyaWhile Ben Franklin is one of my favorite Founding Fathers of this great nation, twice a year I have some beef with the guy. We get it, Benny, you’re a smart dude. Also thanks for being awesome. But I hate when it gets dark early (and also I hate when we lose an hour of sleep). Perhaps we are able to make good use of the daylight in the summer evenings, but with a society that has evolved leaps and bounds over the last 200 years I think this system might be a tad outdated. Personally I feel that regions like Arizona, where they don’t change the clocks at all, have it together. That’s a debate for another time.

Much of my running is done after work and watching the sun go down hours before leaving the store is demoralizing. I stand there pressed against the window listening to the call of the lonely roads as the vibrant autumn colors of the sky fade to black. 

That feeling when the sun is up at a reasonable time.

That feeling when the sun is up at a reasonable time.

But now that the morning are lit, getting out early and getting the run with before beginning my day is an absolute pleasure. So far it’s only been two days but it is wonderful!

When sunrise was creeping closer to 7:30am, it was far easier to roll over and go back to sleep. I’m the first one to capitalize on snuggling in flannel sheets on the dark, cold mornings. Now that the sun is up early, springing out of bed and getting the day started is much easier!

However, when you were able to crawl out of your warm, dark cave, it was headlamp and reflective vest season. Especially in the dark mornings, drivers aren’t always attentive to pedestrians. Having a reflective vest or a flashing light definitely makes the experience safer for everybody. Reflectivity is clutch, but of course a clip-on strobe light is also largely helpful for keep you seen and safe (pro-tip: Don’t use a strobe as your primary light source for seeing. That will mess with your eyes something awful). That being said, a headlamp is going to help you both see and be seen. Both are essential in the early mornings—and now even in the early evenings!

In spirit of the time change, I’ll be spending tomorrow morning at the Beverly High track!screen-shot-2015-11-29-at-11-31-55-am I’m planning to be there around 7am. Actually, I’ll be there every Tuesday at 7am for the rest of 2016! I understand most people work earlier than I do so I understand if I end up alone, but feel free to come join for the run! If you’re tight on time even a few laps would be great, or just to have company at the track and share the beautiful morning light! It may be a little chilly but the sun will be well up by then and it would be great to have the camaraderie. Unless you have to get to the voting booths, in which case do that!

Maybe I’ll see you in the morning. And maybe not. Either way, I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the earlier sunshine.

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